PSD to HTML is Dead?

When pitted against other areas of art and technology, the web is a relatively young medium and things change fast.

Nick Pettit’s article PSD to HTML is Dead on Treehouse provoked a passionate discussion about what type of workflow is best suited to modern responsive web requirements.

Nick said: “Given that there are now a myriad of methods for browsing the web. Phones, tablets, desktops, notebooks, televisions, and more. There is no single screen resolution that a designer can target. Taking that idea a few steps further, there’s really no number of screen resolutions that you can safely “target” anymore.”

This doesn’t necessarily mean that the PSD to HTML workflow is dead, but like anything else it needs to evolve and adapt to current designers and developers needs, and towards more automation.

Increasingly, more Plugin Tools are becoming available on the market to help facilitate Photoshop’s evolution, and aid designers to build sites through visual means.

The next couple of years will be telling in what becomes the industry standard.

Posted on March 7, 2014 in Web

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